About Us

Order-made Medical Research Inc. (OMR) is a biotech company promoting technology development that revolutionize therapeutic antibodies.


We have made it possible to generate prominent antibodies against multi-transmembrane target molecules that have been difficult to create and have succeeded in expanding the number of target molecules extremely for therapeutic antibodies. Furthermore, as a further application development, we are challenging to create innovative therapeutic antibodies targeted intracellular molecules and disease-specific immunogenicity changes that have been difficult to target antibodies.

We will pursue business to explore target molecules for therapeutic antibodies and generate them to out-license them to pharmaceuticals and biotech companies at the early stages of R&D.

Company Profile

Company name

Order-made Medical Research Inc.


Representative Director and CEO Yasufumi Murakami

Head Office Location

277 - 0882
5-4-19 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 

Tokyo University Kashiwa Venture Plaza


358 million 


April 23, 2012

Number of employees

12 people (as of October 2018)


Introduction of Founder


Yasufumi Murakami

​President and CEO

Dr. Murakami is a founder and CEO of OMR. Research Fellow at Alberta Einstein Medical University, Immunology, Sloan-Kettering Commemorative Cancer Research Center, Molecular Biology and Virology Division. After engaging in research on antibody and genomic biology at RIKEN, he became professor of the Department of Biological Engineering at Tokyo University of Science and also served as a visiting professor at Tottori University, founded OMR in 2012. Graduated doctoral course at University of Tokyo (Pharmaceutical Science). Specialty fields are therapeutic antibody, genomic biology, genetic engineering.

Company History

Apr 2012

Established Order-made Medical Research, Inc. founded
Start from one room of student apartment adjacent to the Noda campus of Tokyo University of Science


Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Teijin Pharma Co., Ltd.

Apr 2015

Moved to Tokyo University Kashiwa Venture Plaza and relocated the headquarters

Sep 2016

Integrated R&D laboratories at Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza

Dec 2016

Raised ¥ 300 million funds from RealTech Fund

Dec 2017

Signed a Joint R&D Agreement with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma



Order-made to Medical Research, Inc.

5-4-19 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277 - 0882

Tokyo University Kashiwa Venture Plaza

In case of train

  1. Exit the Tsukuba Express Line Kashiwahaha Campus Station, about 10 minutes by bus to the National Cancer Research Center East Hospital

  2. Get off at the Cancer Research Center East Hospital and walk 3 minutes on foot


In case of car

  1. Approximately 2 km from Joban Express Kashiwa Interchange

  2. Head national highway 16 south in the direction of Kashiwa, turn right at intersection at the entrance of industrial park, turn right at the intersection of family mart

  3. Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza (with a parking lot for visitors) on the left side